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Specialized Services


Pain Management

Working from a muscle and connective tissue (myofascial) view point with the understanding of anatomy and physiology to create an orthopedic based massage session in assisting you and your body break the pain cycle. 


Stress Relief

Supporting you through life’s challenges with therapeutic massage. A remarkable tool for helping you manage stress. A deeply relaxing massage can give you a welcome break and help you feel better physically and mentally. Massage can help you develop healthy and productive responses to life’s many challenges.

Oncology Massage

For those who are cancer survivors, are actively in treatment, or have been through treatment, my attention is focused on your safety and well-being, and the special considerations and cautions that should be observed with those who have life-changing conditions. 







Locations and Rates

Cash, check, credit cards, and HSA/FSA cards accepted. Tips are not. 


New clients are now being accepted for August 2022 at the Lewisburg office. 



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