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Specialized Services


Chronic Pain Management

Working from a muscle and connective tissue (myofascial) view point with the understanding of anatomy and physiology to create a therapeutic massage session in assisting you and your body break the pain cycle. 

My training in myofascial massage was with the Freedom of Pain Institute and Erik Dalton, a talented educator, author and researcher in the field of Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques. 

Stress Relief

Supporting you through life’s challenges with therapeutic massage. A remarkable tool for helping you manage stress. A deeply relaxing massage can give you a welcome break and help you feel better physically and mentally. Massage can help you develop healthy and productive responses to life’s many challenges.

Oncology Massage

For those who are cancer survivors, are actively in treatment, or have been through treatment, my attention is focused on your safety and well-being, and the special considerations and cautions that should be observed with those who have life-changing conditions. My training in oncology massage was with Tracy Walton and Associates, one of the most respected researchers, authors, and educators in the field of cancer and massage.









I accept cash, check, and card. I do not accept tips. $5 from every 2021 session goes to local non-profits.

90 minute session

  • Recommended if you have one or two areas of severe chronic pain but would also like a full body massage session. Example: low back and legs.

75 minute session

  • Excellent choice if you would like an extra 15 minutes of attention on a problem area. Example: carpal tunnel syndrome pain or fibromyalgia pain.

60 minute session

  • Helpful for an introduction to massage therapy or for more targeted bodywork on one problem area. Example: lower body pain or neck and shoulder pain.

30 minute session

  • Ideal for work on one area of chronic pain or a small injury area. Example: TMJ or plantar fasciitis.

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