Breaking the Pain Cycle

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Part six in the chronic pain and massage mini blog series from Marie Wagner, LMT.

Massage can break the cycle of pain and its ability to address most of the pain cycle elements.

• Massage relieves muscle tension, stretching and kneading tight muscles and calming the nervous system.

• When muscles relax, pressure on nerves is reduced, relieving related pain in distant sites.

• As massage relaxes the nervous system, blood vessels dilate to increase circulation.

• Specific massage techniques release trigger points and tight connective tissue. Muscle stretching and improved circulation from massage can prevent their return.

• Certain techniques increase the pliability of adhesions. Along with reduce muscle tension, this helps prevent new injuries.

• Other massage techniques work to improve range of motion and specific areas, further helping to restore normal movement.

The many benefits of massage, especially regular massage, can renew your energy and optimism. You may find yourself motivated to move and exercise, helping you maintain the improvements that you have made.

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