Stress, Pain and Massage

1 minute

With stressors such as family conflicts, work deadlines or other worries, you may never find the time to relieve mounting tensions.

When you are unable to relax, unrelieved muscle tension and impaired circulation can contribute directly to the pain cycle.

To make matters worse, chronic pain is a major source of stress. It may interrupt your sleep, leaving you tired and irritable. It drains you emotionally, robbing you of the patients and stamina you need to cope.

To the extent that massage interrupts the pain cycle, even temporarily, it reduces stress. Further, massage acts on the nervous system to relax both body and mind. You may sleep better after a massage, which helps the body heal and renews your reserves.

Massage also helps you become aware of unconsciously held tension, so you can take steps to release it on your own. Taking time with a relaxing massage can support you physically and emotionally in a time of stress. Massage is a great tool as another amazing coping mechanism.

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