Introducing Trager Mindfulness to my Practice

2 minutes

I’m just coming back into my office from an incredibly powerful two day class on Tragerwork for Mindfulness with Fernando Rojas, LMT, PhD and Richard Mack held at Harrisburg Area Community College.

As a massage therapist, I find it’s vital to my well-being to continually learn new things to show up for self first and then being able to show up more fully to my practice. This most recent class has enabled me to do just that. To take that breath and to honor my body, mind, and spirit.

Fernando Rojas, LMT, PhD. Marie Wagner, LMT. Richard Mack, LMT.

Mindfulness can look like many different things for different people. Some find time in nature or being physically active such as yoga or working out to help with having more mindfulness. Some people use breath work and mantras. Yet, for even some mindful eating is their practice. All of these things can cultivate an attitude of curiosity for mindfulness.

What does this mean for clients? How does this translate to working with me? Continued care to the best of my renewed ability. More tools to share with you to take home and use for yourself and your own mindfulness practice.

For other LMT’s, I encourage you to take this class. This work can help you as a therapist to be more present in your own office and in turn, allow you to provide more quality care. Keep an eye out for Harrisburg Area Community College’s Massage Therapy program and their updates on CEU classes. They provide quality classes to help further your growth as a person and a provider. I’ve also included links for upcoming classes with Fernando and more information regarding Richard Mack and his work.

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