Our first ever RESET class was a success!

Laurene of Laurel Limb Yoga and myself facilitated a restorative yoga class with massage and Reiki.

What an incredible combination of tools!

Thank you Laurene for hosting! You rock, this class rocks, and so do all of our incredible participants.

For more information on future classes, check out Laurel Limb Yoga!

For more information on massage for chronic pain management and stress relief, check out my website to see if massage is a tool that aligns for you!

Chamber of Commerce Member

I am a proud member of the Central PA Chamber of Commerce!

Local businesses thriving is important to me! That is one reason I appreciate being a member of the Central PA Chamber of Commerce.

If you’re a business within the Central PA area, check them out and see how they can help you succeed.

Huge shout out to Jeff, Jessica, Tee Jay, and Michael!! Thank you for your help and time as I build my business.

The Helpfulness of Heat

Heat and why I love to use it so often within my office.

Yes, even in the middle of summertime.

When it comes to muscles and fascia, they love heat!!!

From electric heating pads, microwavable hot packs, to the hot stones and table warmer I use in my office, muscles love to unwind with less pain from applied heat.

Please keep in mind your own personal preference and tolerance for heat use. Just as someone who has Reynard’s wouldn’t use ice, if your body doesn’t respond well to heat it’s important to honor that.

Do you find relief with heat? If so, let’s add hot stones to your next appointment!

Disclaimer: Blog posts or information on the Marie Wagner, LMT website are personal opinion based on both personal and professional experience.

Renewing Your Energy Reserves

Part five of the Stress Relief With Massage Therapy, a mini blog series from Marie Wagner, LMT.

When you are overtaxed and running on empty, massage can help you recharge and restore your energy and creativity.

Massage relieves painful muscle tension that saps your energy. It softens your muscles and their connective tissue coverings (called fascia) and releases painful trigger points in both muscles and fascia.

Massage increases circulation and promotes restful sleep.

Massage supports you psychologically by giving you a measure of control. Just knowing there is something you can do to take care of yourself helps you feel less at the mercy of external events. You may even experience relief from emotional symptoms such as anxiety and depression, along with a renewed sense of optimism.

Massage for Immediate Stress Relief

Part four of Stress Relief With Massage Therapy, a mini blog series from Marie Wagner, LMT

In a stress emergency, massage can provide immediate relief that refocus your attention away from your worries and tensions.

Massage triggers the relaxation response, taking your body off high alert and setting in motion the biological processes needed to restore your resources and reverse the physical responses of fight, flight, or fawn.

With massage, touch sends your nervous system the signal that it’s okay to take a break, allowing your body and mind relax and unwind.

As Pressure Mounts

Part three of Stress Relief With Massage Therapy, a mini blog series from Marie Wagner, LMT

You may find that as your stress goes without relief, you become less and less able to unwind.

Muscle tension can develop into problems such as chronic headaches or shoulder and back pain, which are themselves stressful.

Worry and physical tension can interfere with sleep, leaving you exhausted with little energy or mental focus to tackle your problems. You may even find your normal coping mechanisms add stress as you struggle to find time for exercise or social engagements.

As pressure mounts, the level of stress hormones in your bloodstream can become so high that little is needed to trigger a stress response. You may find yourself constantly agitated, reacting not only to actual events, but to anticipated events and memories.

The Stress Response

Part two of stress relief with massage therapy, a mini blog series from Marie Wagner, LMT

Under stress, your body really has just one response: it mobilizes to fight or flee. Your nervous system becomes highly activated and hormones such as adrenaline prepare your body to respond to an emergency.

Muscles tends for action, heart rate and blood pressure increase, breathing becomes rapid and shallow, and digestion and other maintenance functions are put on hold.

Unfortunately, fighting or running is rarely a useful response to modern difficulties, such as moving to a new city, relationship upheavals, job changes or medical conditions.

In addition, today’s stresses are often ambiguous and ongoing, for example money worries or interpersonal conflicts. This means your body and mind do not receive a clear signal that it is safe to stop, relax and recuperate.

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