Restricted Movement

Part five in the chronic pain and massage mini blog series from Marie Wagner, LMT.

Pain and muscle tension can make even simple actions difficult and tiring. This impairs your ability to exercise and stretch – both important means for maintaining mobility and good circulation through your body.

Eventually, contracting muscles and fascia can develop areas called adhesions, where tissues “adhere” to each other, further restricting movement and contributing to your pain.

Reduced Circulation

Part four in the chronic pain and massage mini blog series from Marie Wagner, LMT.

Like a sponge that is squeezed, when a muscle is tight and contracted, it cannot hold much fluid, so circulation is impaired.

Irritating waste products can accumulate, leaving you feeling fatigued and sore. Over time, areas with poor circulation form trigger points and both muscles and their connective tissue coverings called fascia.

Trigger points are highly irritable spots that can refer paint elsewhere in the body. For example, a trigger point in your hip can cause pain down your leg. As muscles tense around referred pain, the cycle spreads.

Muscle Tension

Part three in the chronic pain and massage mini blog series from Marie Wagner, LMT.

Muscle tension from stress, repetitive activity or overuse can be painful.

Tense muscles are prone to injury. Muscles automatically contract around any painful sight to support and protect the area. Our amazing bodies compensate for whatever else is going on.

If your original pain is not resolved, muscles may become habitually contracted. And this way, painful muscle tension can spread, even pressing on nerves to cause tingling, numbness and more pain in new areas.

Chronic Pain and Massage

Chronic pain and massage; a mini blog series from Marie Wagner, LMT.

Few things are as distressing as chronic pain. It saps your energy and takes an emotional toll. Over time, pain can become a vicious cycle with a life of its own, continuing ever after the original cause is resolved. Therapeutic massage is a simple, effective and an added support measure for dealing with chronic pain.

Chronic pain and massage; a mini blog series from Marie Wagner, LMT.

Office Signage

Exterior signage! My name’s on the building y’all and I’m excited.

Welcome to my office!! More clear signage on and within The Creamery Building. Hello, visibility.

For the love of local businesses.

Shout out to Middle Creek Signs of Middleburg for their work. Thank you!

Giving Back 2021

Giving Back 2021

I have been blessed with and I am grateful for an incredible business and wonderful clients in a delightful community.

Giving Back 2021 is my way to share with and raise awareness of local non-profit organizations.

From EVERY session in 2021, Marie Wagner, LMT donated $5 to local charitable causes.

In January, donations were contributed to the Food Pantry in West Milton. St John’s UCC holds the Fresh Express food pickups and the Food Pantry for our local community.

For February, donations were contributed to Susquehanna Valley CASA, Voices for Children. CASA stands for Court Appointed Special Advocates: advocating for our local children in foster care and for what is in their best interest and highest good.

In March, donations were contributed to the Business and Education program called School Counts! This is a program through the Central PA Chamber of Commerce bringing awareness to local highschools about entrepreneurship.

For April, donations were contributed to Community Zone of Lewisburg. They unite our community and empower individuals.

In May, donations were contributed to One Dog At A Time in Lewistown. My dog, Ruger, was rescued through this organization and they do excellent work throughout the communities for our furry friends and family members.

For June and July, donations were contributed to Friends of RB Winter State Park. I love to hike here often. It’s a great place to unplug and reconnect with nature.

In August and September, donations were contributed to the Art Academy of Milton. A place of learning, local artists, classes and studios and a photography and video environment.

For October, donations were made to Arthur’s Pet Pantry. They provide food and supplies for local pets in need.

In November, donations were contributed to Camp Victory for children with chronic health issues.

For December, donations were made to the Touch of Kindness Project in Williamsport for people with cancer.

For more information regarding any of these great local non-profits or if you also would like to contribute, I have included their websites:

UCC Food Pantry:


School Counts:

Community Zone:


Friends of RB Winter:

Art Academy of Milton:

Arthur’s Pet Pantry:

Camp Victory:

Touch of Kindness:

Oncology Massage

Marie Wagner, LMT offers oncology massage for clients in all phases of cancer – diagnosis, treatment, recovery, survivor, or terminal. My attention is focused on your safety and well-being. Special considerations and cautions are observed [within scope of practice] of the physical, emotional, and psychological needs of clients who have life-changing conditions. This specialized practice requires therapists to be fully educated by an approved provider. My training in oncology and hospice massage was with Tracy Walton and Associates, one of the most respected researchers, authors, and educators in the field of cancer and massage.

When scheduling your oncology massage appointment, please allow for extra time to complete a thorough intake form and health history.

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