The Pain Cycle

Part two in the chronic pain and massage mini blog series from Marie Wagner, LMT. Muscle tension, reduced circulation and restricted movements. The pain cycle is a complex chain of events which reinforce each other. It can begin with injury, illness or even stress but each element can trigger or amplify another, creating a self-perpetuatingContinue reading “The Pain Cycle”

Chronic Pain and Massage

Chronic pain and massage; a mini blog series from Marie Wagner, LMT. Few things are as distressing as chronic pain. It saps your energy and takes an emotional toll. Over time, pain can become a vicious cycle with a life of its own, continuing ever after the original cause is resolved. Therapeutic massage is aContinue reading “Chronic Pain and Massage”

Giving Back 2021

Giving Back 2021 I have been blessed with and I am grateful for an incredible business and wonderful clients in a delightful community. Giving Back 2021 is my way to share with and raise awareness of local non-profit organizations. From EVERY session in 2021, Marie Wagner, LMT donated $5 to local charitable causes. In January,Continue reading “Giving Back 2021”

Oncology Massage

Marie Wagner, LMT offers oncology massage for clients in all phases of cancer – diagnosis, treatment, recovery, survivor, or terminal. My attention is focused on your safety and well-being. Special considerations and cautions are observed [within scope of practice] of the physical, emotional, and psychological needs of clients who have life-changing conditions. This specialized practiceContinue reading “Oncology Massage”

Therapeutic Massage during COVID-19

This post is regarding our office procedures to bring you massage safely and effectively during an unprecedented time. We are blessed to be open. We are gratefully accepting new clients. We are excitedly seeing our existing clients that are comfortable coming to the office and with the new procedures. *Since reopening and going forward, masksContinue reading “Therapeutic Massage during COVID-19”

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