Massage for Immediate Stress Relief

Part four of Stress Relief With Massage Therapy, a mini blog series from Marie Wagner, LMT In a stress emergency, massage can provide immediate relief that refocus your attention away from your worries and tensions. Massage triggers the relaxation response, taking your body off high alert and setting in motion the biological processes needed toContinue reading “Massage for Immediate Stress Relief”

As Pressure Mounts

Part three of Stress Relief With Massage Therapy, a mini blog series from Marie Wagner, LMT You may find that as your stress goes without relief, you become less and less able to unwind. Muscle tension can develop into problems such as chronic headaches or shoulder and back pain, which are themselves stressful. Worry andContinue reading “As Pressure Mounts”

Three of the Most Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Marie Wagner, LMT’s blog for massage therapy! Enclosed in this blog post are three FAQ’s regarding massage and your first visit to the office. What are the benefits of massage and bodywork? Massage and bodywork can help release chronic muscular tension and pain, improve circulation, increase joint flexibility, reduce mental and physical fatigueContinue reading “Three of the Most Frequently Asked Questions”

Closed Business During Covid-19

April 30, 2020 We’re living in unprecedented times. Tomorrow marks seven weeks of the massage office being closed. And for good reason. Currently the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is in a slow transition to open up more essential businesses with precautions. The massage industry does not have an estimated date to open at this time. IContinue reading “Closed Business During Covid-19”

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