Why Choose Marie


Longer times in between treatments for more thorough cleaning. I disinfect absolutely everything. This office follows both CDC Covid-19 AND state required massage cleanliness guidelines to ensure your safety. Hand sanitizing stations are located throughout the office with sink access for client hand washing.

Clarity in Pricing

Money savings! No upcharges adding hot stones, cupping, or deeper pressure. No tips accepted. You pay the listed price. Save your money and put it towards your next massage.


Appointments start and end on time. Provided you arrive 5 minutes early, my goal is to have you on the table close to your appointment start time to maximize your hands-on time.

Silence is Key

You prefer to have silence to relax? You got it! I love a good chat, but I will follow your lead. Please note, I do ask about pressure and comfortability during your session.

Custom-Tailored Treatments

I keep track of your preferences: everything from your love of scalp massage to your ticklish feet, whether you prefer a side-lying position or to be the first client of the day because you are scent intolerant and that you prefer to play your own podcast. You are not typical; Why should your massage be?

Safe Space

I provide a positive and inclusive space where you can relax and feel like yourself again.

Client Centered

YOU are in control. No aspect of your massage should EVER come as a surprise. I conduct a thorough intake at your first appointment, and I explain my treatment plan in detail. I obtain your informed consent – both verbal and written. I make sure you know you always have the right to withdraw or alter your consent. Your session is about you, not me. 


You get my full attention. For this session, you are the superstar. You are the reason we are in the room. Need silence? We can do that.

Want me to spend your full session time on your feet? Sure. Warm pillow? Cool pillow? Not a problem.

Ease of scheduling.

Online booking through Fresha!

High Quality Products

I only use the best products for your skin. THE BEST. You won’t leave my office feeling drenched in oil. I don’t use cheap fragrances or preservatives.

Clinical Prudence

Do not harm. I will not practice any techniques that are unsafe for you and your specific health conditions. In general, people on blood thinners or in treatment for cancer should not be receiving deep tissue massage. It is also unwise to use cold therapy with a client who had Reynaud’s etc. These are called contraindications and I will not mess around with them.

The downside here is that I may refer you to another therapist, but that is rare. We can usually find a technique that is safe and effective for your situation.

Education, Licensing, and Insurances

I am certified through Harrisburg Area Community College, licensed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, insured by and a certified member of Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals (ABMP). I follow the most stringent membership requirements of these organizations including my commitment to lifelong learning through continuing education. I maintain the highest standards of professional conduct and strictly adhere to the Code of Ethics.

Thank you for supporting local business.

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